How to Make Your Home More Comfortable in Time for Winter

Winter is coming, and one of the essential tasks of any Edmonton homeowner is to make sure their house is safe and comfortable enough for the coming cold season. Failing to prepare for the freezing months doesn’t just result in a colder home; it can cause health concerns and damage certain fixtures depending on how chilly it gets.

Furnace maintenance must be one of your primary concerns. Not only can proper upkeep of your home prepare you for freezing Canadian winters, but it can also help you identify issues in your heating system before it is too late. At the end of the day, it’s best to solve these issues before the frost and snow begin to set in. 

Here are some furnace maintenance steps you can take to ready you for the ice and snow:

Test Your Thermostat

Testing your thermostat is the most important step in the process, as it can reveal whether there’s an issue in your system or not. Do it before any maintenance steps to determine if your furnace can run normally. Do it again after performing your maintenance steps as well. If your furnace takes too long or doesn’t heat up at all, it might be time to call the professionals for some necessary repairs. 

Besides, it could also mean considering upgrading your thermostat. A set-back thermostat, for example, can automatically lower the temperature at certain times. This can help you cut back on costs on your heating bills in the long run. 

Clean or Replace the Air Filters

Depending on the type of unit you have, you may need to clean or replace your air filters. This is enough to do, provided you follow the proper precautions for keeping yourself safe. 

This is an often neglected step that is crucial because the filters prevent dust and debris from entering the system. They allow your furnace to operate while unimpeded by foreign objects and contaminants. By regularly cleaning or replacing your filters, you can lengthen the lifespan of your furnace as it won’t have to work harder to bring the heat you need. 

Clean the Burners

The furnace generally sits unused until the cold sets in. During this time, the different parts of your furnace may accumulate dust—the burner included. If your burners aren’t clean, your house might start to smell weird after a while, especially if there’s a lot of dust and debris. 

Oil Your Furnace Blower

As we mentioned before, the parts of your heating system may accumulate dust and debris while unused. This may put the moving parts of your furnace at risk, especially the furnace blower. If dust settles into the components, this may cause friction. With enough friction, the moving parts may start to wear or break. 

You can prevent this by oiling your furnace blower once a year, and the best time to do so is right before winter—before you begin to use your furnace heavily for the next few months. 

Clean Your Ducts and Chimney

Heaters are often connected to a duct or vent system and a chimney. Over time, soot, dust, and debris will accumulate in these areas whether you’re using them or not. 

If they are dirty before you start using them, they may belch these unwanted particles into your home, risking the health of your family. Make sure to clean them before the winter, as you can’t exactly open your windows to let the smell and soot out when that time comes. 


Proper furnace maintenance is the key to living through winter comfortably and safely. You can do many of these steps on your own, but if something goes wrong, you need professionals to handle the job. 

If you require furnace repair or maintenance in Edmonton, contact Legacy Heating. We can handle the maintenance, repair, and installation of furnaces, air conditioners, air cleaners, thermostats, and more.

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