Manage Your Thermostat: Saving Energy at Home During the Summer

When the temperatures inside your home rise, your immediate reaction is to turn the air conditioning system on and blast the area with cold air. The problem is, having it turned on for most of the day and night can be costly, and you don’t want to spend your money on energy bills, right? Most people don’t realize that staying cool while the temperature rises has a lot to do with setting your thermostat. 

If you want to save energy at home during summer, here are three tips for managing your thermostat:

1. Set The Right Temperature

It’s common for homeowners to set their thermostat in the 60’s during the spring and summer months. Albeit this brings comfort, it also increases your electricity bills by a significant margin! What you can do is to set the temperature to the highest possible degree that you can stand. The closer the temp is on the thermostat to the temp outside, the less your AC has to work, which then lowers your energy bills. 

2. Adjust To Higher Temperature

Getting used to warmer indoor temperatures will take time, yet it’s a necessary process. Doing this is an effective way to help you get used to the gradual increase in temperature. You can raise the temperature by one degree every day, and you’ll see how quickly your body will adjust to the difference! 

3. Invest In A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will let you set your thermostat to different temperatures depending on the time of day. Moreover, this device will help minimize your energy costs as well. It’s an automated system that is a useful investment all-year-round, so make that switch today. 

Additional Practical Tips

Aside from the tips mentioned, there are other ways to stay cool and save energy during the warmer seasons. You can invest in ceiling fans as they can make the room at least four degrees cooler. It’s also a good idea to invest in curtains or blinds that will help you block out the sun and heat from the sun. By doing this, you will be surprised at how it can significantly affect indoor temperature, which won’t cause the AC unit to work hard. 

In the evenings, consider turning off the air conditioning and opening the windows instead. By doing so, you get to let cooler air in. remember that summer nights aren’t that hot, so take advantage of it and enjoy the cool breeze from the outside. 

Keep in mind that saving on energy costs is still possible even in the warmer season, and your thermostat plays a significant role in this. This is essentially why you need to know how you can use it to your advantage.

A programmable thermostat can also do wonders to your property, so make sure that you consider getting one for your home. That way, you get to set the right temperatures at specific times of the day to reduce the usage and wear and tear on your AC unit! 


Ultimately, your home’s thermostat will play a crucial role in helping you save money on energy costs during the summer months. By following the tips above, you can rest assured that your energy costs won’t catch you by surprise. Likewise, be sure to invest in a quality thermostat and have it installed properly by professionals to ensure proper installation and efficient productivity. 

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