Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

Reverse Osmosis

High-Efficient Reverse Osmosis Systems for your home!

Drink pure, healthy and environmentally friendly water using Legacy Heating and Cooling’s affordable and highly efficient Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems from the leaders in R/O, Novo Water Conditioning Products!

With the H.E.R.O. multi-stage filtration system you’re guaranteed to have on-demand safer, cleaner and great tasting fresh water right from the kitchen sink.

Control your drinking water with great tasting, refreshing and clean water right from your tap, without the cost and waste generated by disposable water bottles.

By using specialized membranes the Reverse Osmosis process removes solids, contaminants, minerals and large molecules and from water.

Enjoy pure and healthy drinking water in the Edmonton and Calgary areas. Plus save on buying water bottles at stores and help impact environmental change without using disposable bottles!
Hero R/O Systems will make you a Hero at home! Legacy’s water systems are convenient and affordable, plus environmentally friendly!
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Trust us at Legacy Heating & Cooling to be your Reverse Osmosis Water System Experts in Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding regions!
Drink clean and great tasting water and help the environment at the same time!
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