Possible Reasons for the Cold Air Blowing from Your Furnace

Furnaces aren’t always up to the task of heating the home. Sometimes, they spread cold air instead of warmth. A furnace blowing chilly air can be caused by a variety of circumstances. 

Some are simple to repair on your own, while others need professional heater repairs. If that’s the case, be sure to call trusted furnace professionals to assist you. 

While you’re still unsure about the problem, read along to figure out what’s wrong with your furnace.

Filthy Air Filter

An air filter is a disposable mesh screen found in your furnace. The furnace filter is critical for keeping your furnace clean and the air in your house safe to breathe. Inevitably, the filter will become clogged over time, reducing its efficiency. 

A filthy furnace can even cause your system to overheat and shut down, causing frigid or room-temperature air. To remedy this, replace the old filter with a new one of the proper size to resolve the problem. 

Professionals recommend replacing the filter every three months for the greatest benefits. Be wary if you have pets or live in a pollen-heavy location. There may be a need to replace it more frequently because of these factors.

Empty Thermostat Batteries

The thermostat is a device that helps you control the temperature in your home. The majority of thermostats are battery-operated. When the batteries die, the entire equipment will cease working properly, and your furnace will not turn on. 

If your furnace is spewing chilly air because of this, a new set of batteries will fix the problem.

Inaccurate Thermostat Settings

There are also a handful of other thermostat issues to consider. Most modern thermostats include a variety of settings, including choices for controlling the fan and adjusting the temperature. 

If you turn on the fan, it will run indefinitely without producing hot air. To see if hot air is restored, switch the fan back to auto.

Malfunctioning Controls

Electronic control panels are used in contemporary furnaces, which help manage the temperature more precisely than previous types. The control panel may occasionally malfunction; however, it can typically be reset by turning on the main power switch. 

The switch will either be on the furnace itself or on a neighboring wall, depending on the model. Turn the switch off. Then, after waiting for a few minutes, turn it back on. The electronic controls should reset, allowing your furnace to begin producing hot air once more.

Busted Pilot Light

While newer models are fully electric, the majority of household furnaces run on gas. A pilot light is a part of a gas furnace that ignites natural gas and converts it to heat. 

Your furnace can’t generate heat if the pilot light goes out, and the temperature in your home will drop. It’s not advisable to change the pilot light at home because it requires opening up the furnace, so contact a qualified professional at Legacy to replace the pilot light in a safe manner.

Clogged Valve

You may have a clogged valve if the pilot light won’t turn on. Dirt or debris can cause valves to become stuck. This is especially prevalent with furnaces that aren’t cleaned as regularly as they should be or that don’t get regular maintenance tune-ups. 

A professional can clean and inspect your furnace for you. If the valve is clogged, they’ll clear it out and clean the entire system to prevent it from happening again. You may also plan an annual maintenance visit to ensure that your heating system is in good working order for the long haul.


Winters can be bitterly cold, so you’ll want to rely on your furnace to keep your home toasty. If your furnace has stopped producing warm air, there are a few things you may do to troubleshoot it. In the end, it’s always better to consult with us at Legacy Heating to help you figure it out. They’ll quickly diagnose the issue and provide long-lasting fixes. They can even help you with any of your heating and air conditioning needs, such as maintenance, replacements, and installs. 

If you’re looking for an expert to perform furnace repair in Calgary and Edmonton, you’ve found that in Legacy Heating! We specialize in HVAC systems and the replacement of furnaces as well as other HVAC products. Contact us today to have your furnace running in no time!

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