How to Prevent the Freezing of Pipes in Your Residence

Water pipes in houses around the nation run the risk of freezing as temperatures drop. Your plumbing may freeze if your home’s interior temperature drops below 14 C. A burst pipe and significant home damage may occur from this. 

Cold places in the home, such as basements, attics, and garages, are common causes of frozen pipes. Remember that the temperatures in these places may be lower than what your thermostat indicates. Wind chill may also be a concern if a cold breeze enters through a crack or hole.

The sections below show you how to prevent your pipes from freezing during the colder seasons.

Keep Your House Warm

At 14 C, your plumbing can begin to freeze. It’s crucial to keep in mind that not all areas of your house will necessarily be at the same temperature, as shown by your thermostat. Attics, basements, garages, and interiors of cabinets are frequently chilly places.

To guarantee that it is warm enough to prevent plumbing from freezing in all regions of the house, it is advised that you keep your home between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius.

You can utilize space heaters or other alternate heating sources if your furnace breaks down or has trouble heating your home effectively. Make sure you never leave these devices running while you are sleeping or unsupervised. They do present a fire risk even though they can warm up a space.

Heat-Proof Your Pipes

The winters in Alberta are so chilly that you should insulate your pipes to help keep them from freezing. However, not all houses have pipes that are adequately insulated.

Electrical heating tape is also often utilized, along with standard insulating materials, including fibreglass, polyethylene, and foam. Duct tape and crumpled newspaper can be used in a pinch. 

In general, exposed pipes, such as those located under the kitchen counter, are simple to insulate on your own. You may buy these materials at any hardware shop.

You might need to call a professional if you can’t reach your water pipes and they aren’t adequately insulated.

Seal Off Holes and Cracks

Check for openings and cracks around window and door frames, cable holes, and foundations before winter arrives in Alberta.

To keep warm air inside and cold air and wind outside, caulk and seal any gaps or holes you detect. It’s fairly simple to do this yourself, and many hardware stores carry the necessary items.

Drain Outdoor Pipes

In Alberta, it’s crucial to drain and store outdoor water lines appropriately. To let any remaining water drain from the pipes, disconnect any hoses, shut off the outdoor water valves, and open the outdoor faucets. This relieves pressure if there is any remaining water in the system.

Additionally, it’s critical to check that any irrigation or pool systems have been appropriately winterized. The method will change based on the system.

Keep the Heat Flowing to the Plumbing If Temperatures Drop

It’s crucial to maintain heat flowing to your plumbing in case of a cold snap. To achieve this, you can leave internal doors open, close your garage and external doors, and leave cabinet doors open in areas with plumbing, such as those in the kitchen and bathroom. 

This keeps the pipes warmer by allowing warmer air to travel around them.

Maintain Water Flow

Keeping the water flowing through the pipes can prevent them from freezing if your furnace malfunctions or struggles to keep them warm enough. To keep water flowing, turn a tap on to a trickle or drip. 

You don’t have to apply this to every faucet; instead, pick one or a few pipes that pass through a cooler part of your home or along an exterior wall.


Preventing the freezing of pipes in your residence requires a combination of proactive measures. Keep cabinets open to allow warm air to circulate around your pipes. Taking these measures will help you prevent freezing your pipes and keep them running smoothly.

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