AC Problems: 6 Reasons Behind Your AC Fan’s Issue

Do you notice an issue with your air conditioning system? There are a number of reasons an AC breaks down. One of them is when an AC’s condenser fan stops spinning, even if the system is running. 

AC units don’t come cheap, and you cannot afford to sacrifice comfort when your AC breaks down and it’s steaming hot outside. Needless to say, you need to ensure that your AC unit is taken care of properly through regular maintenance. Make sure to have a trusted technician on speed dial for maintenance and repair of your AC.

Since the most common issue is related to the AC’s condenser fan, we have listed some of the possible reasons behind this. 

Capacitor Issues

A common reason AC fans stop spinning is because of a broken capacitor. The capacitors are small and cylindrical components that deliver energy signals to power the fan motor and the entire AC system. Each AC unit has multiple capacitors and they can go bad over time, which means they need to be replaced. 

Power Issues

When your AC’s fan stops running, it can be as simple as a power issue. For example, if the circuit breaker is tripped because of overheating, it will cause the system to stop running. You can fix this by flipping the switch at the circuit breaker. 

Motor Issues

Another reason AC’s fans stop working is due to a burnt fan motor. This happens when the fans are overworked, plus it hasn’t been maintained properly. Remember, AC fan motors are costly to replace, so avoid this as much as possible by regular maintenance. 

Air Filter Issues

When the air filter is blocked, it will restrict airflow. In turn, this will cause ice to build up. When that happens, it will put more stress on the AC’s fan, which can cause it to shut down. To prevent this from happening, make sure you change your HVAC filters regularly. 

Belt Issues

Older AC condensers have a belt. These belts can break over time, and you can fix this by having a technician look at it. In most cases, you may need to replace it. 

Contactor Switch Issues

The contactor switch of your AC is located inside the compressor unit. It sends voltage to the condenser unit and fan to make them run. Over time, they can go bad, which can cause the fan to stop working properly. 

Taking care of your AC and its components is crucial if you want it to last longer. However, if you notice that your AC’s fan is no longer working, then it’s probably time to have your AC looked at. 


Knowing what could cause AC fan issues are important because it will help you better understand how the system works. It will also be easier for you to understand an AC technician when you have your AC looked at. Avoid costly repairs or replacements by investing in regular maintenance. In the case that your AC’s fan is already broken, make sure you find a reliable HVAC technician that can deliver the best solutions. 

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