Top Three Reasons Why You Should Install a Garage Heater

We here at Legacy Heating and Cooling believe that technology is supposed to make your life more convenient and make you feel more comfortable in your home. Over the years, developments in heating and cooling technology have pretty much reshaped the home experience of millions, if not billions, of people from all over the world. And while it’s quite common to have an HVAC system for your home, there are still some people who fail to capitalize on the many innovations available to us today. 

One of the best examples of this is the humble garage heater. Many people find that having a garage heater is unnecessary. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Garage heaters can bring a lot of value to a home and is one of the most practical additions that you can make to your garage. If you need a little more convincing, read on as we discuss the top three reasons why you should install a garage heater.

They Keep You and Your Car Warm

As the name implies, garage heaters will help keep you and your car warm. This can be quite useful especially during the winter when the temperature begins to drop harshly. If you’re the type to spend hours in your garage working on personal projects, then a garage heater is pretty much a necessity when winter comes around.

What many people don’t know is that keeping your car warm has a slew of other benefits attached to it. Having a warmer car helps preserve the car battery, as the cold tends to hamper the battery’s performance as it slows down the chemical reactions in the batteries. 

They Have Become More Affordable

The price attached to installing a garage heater may be one of your main reasons for not getting one. And while it is true that you will need to spend money on installation and maintenance, it’s important to note that garage heaters have become increasingly more affordable in recent years. 

In fact, if you have an energy-efficient heater installed in a well-insulated garage then the increase in energy costs will be kept at a minimum. To add to this, technological advances have made garage heaters more affordable. This is especially true for small garages as it won’t really take much to warm them up.

They Are Safer for Your Home

One common mistake that people often make when they park their cars inside their garage is to use the remote starter when it starts to get cold. This is incredibly hazardous as it releases carbon monoxide into your garage — and by extension your home. Having a garage heater lets you avoid this altogether as you’ll never need to use your remote starter as the heater will be enough to keep your car warm.


Hopefully, this article has helped give you a better understanding of how much a simple garage heater can bring to your home. We understand if you’re still a little hesitant to have a garage heater installed. However, trust us when we say that it is a worthy addition to your home and will make your life infinitely easier and more comfortable.

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