Replace Your AC in Edmonton with These 2 Helpful Tips

If you purchased your air conditioner (AC), you could easily find its age by looking at the original receipt. Alternatively, if the system has been in place for a while, you can estimate its age by assessing its condition. If it’s near the end of its lifespan, consider replacing it with a more recent and efficient model.

If the age of the HVAC unit isn’t immediately apparent, take a photo of the label or jot down the make, model, and serial number. With this information, you can research the age of the unit either through the internet or by consulting an experienced HVAC technician.

But before even doing that, here are two helpful tips that should help you determine the right action:

Tip #1: It Uses R22 Refrigerant (or Freon)

If there is a leak in your AC system, you will not be able to buy the R22 refrigerant that you need to fill it up. Eventually, you will not be allowed to keep using your air conditioning system that is based on R22 refrigerant.

The Canadian government has taken steps to protect the environment by gradually eliminating Freon products that deplete the ozone layer. Since January 1, 2020, it has been no longer legal to buy Freon products in Canada, and eventually, it will be illegal to use existing R22. If you own an air conditioner, you may notice a smell of coolant as the Freon is phased out.

Tip #2: It Becomes Energy-Inefficient

AC energy usage is measured by the amount of cooling energy (measured in BTUs) used to power the unit (measured in watt-hours). The minimum energy efficiency rating for AC systems used to be 10, but now it has been increased to 13 or better.

Choosing an energy-efficient air conditioning unit can help reduce your environmental impact and save money on utility bills. Look for a unit certified with the Energy Star label, which signifies that it is energy efficient and will help reduce your carbon footprint.

If you’re spending more money on repair bills for your AC, consider getting a new one. A large repair bill for an older unit could equal half the cost of a brand-new air conditioning system.

If you opt for a cheaper repair instead of replacing the unit, you may save money in the short run, but you could pay more later. Upgrading to a new AC unit will provide you with a warranty and much-needed peace of mind that it will last for many years.

Consider the comfort of your home. Suppose the air conditioner leaves you feeling hot and humid, too loud, or cools inconsistently. In that case, it might be time to upgrade to a more reliable and efficient model, such as a Goodman or Lennox air conditioning unit.

In Summary

If your AC unit uses freon or isn’t cooling a room as well as it used to, it’s time to get a new system. For one, you wouldn’t want to be incarcerated for using illegal, planet-harming substances or suffer from costlier electric bills that could’ve been avoided by simply owning a newer, modern AC.

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