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Legacy Heating and Cooling has years of experience customizing, servicing, installing and maintaining residential HVAC systems.

Legacy Heating and Cooling is proud to be the home of the best Residential New Construction design and install with our EAZ System!

Legacy has established an efficient and effective process to help contractors and home builders involved in residential new construction in Edmonton to ensure their HVAC system is customized perfectly and installed at the right stage construction.
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Why Choose Legacy Heating?

Are you a homeowner considering moving into a new residential construction in Edmonton? Or perhaps you’re a contractor building a new home in the area? Then choose Legacy residential heating and ac Edmonton for all your HVAC requirements.

With a comprehensive range of HVAC products and services at cost-effective prices, Legacy Heating is the ultimate solution for all your HVAC needs. Be it furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, garage heaters, humidifiers, thermostats, filters, or more, we’ve got you covered. In any type of residential home construction, ensuring that the property is equipped with the right heating and cooling system the first time around is key to enjoying agreeable temperatures year-round.

Given the unpredictable weather in Edmonton and the surrounding areas, it can be quite challenging to maintain pleasant indoor temperatures without the right HVAC system. Legacy Heating is committed to helping you and your family stay comfortable throughout the year, even when the temperatures are lower than average or excruciatingly high. With a focus on putting customers first, we’re dedicated to ensuring the highest quality, no matter what product or service you choose. We offer a wide array of HVAC systems from reputable manufacturers designed to offer the ultimate comfort, reliability, durability, and, of course, energy efficiency.

Helping you choose the right heating system that will keep you warm and cozy through the winter months – or the ideal residential air conditioning for Edmonton’s hot summers – in an energy efficient way is our primary objective. Minimizing energy usage with the help of efficient appliances can not only lower your energy bills but also help the environment Because of rising energy costs and today’s need for planet conservation energy usage can be a significant factor in the HVAC selection process. We’ll not only help you find the most energy-efficient equipment but also ensure all your requirements and personal preferences are met.

In addition, we offer extremely reliable post-installation servicing and maintenance to keep your HVAC apparatus in tip-top working condition., We’re proud to help you maintain ideal home temperatures in your residential new construction in Edmonton for not just the next year, but many years to come.

Cold nights and mornings will be a thing of the past, when you choose Legacy Systems. We’re renowned for creating a legacy of comfort in homes – whether it’s an older home or a residential new construction – in Edmonton and the surrounding regions. Choose from a broad array of heating and cooling appliances to suit your specific needs. If you need help in selecting the right HVAC system for your unique requirements, get in touch with us. Our expert staff would be happy to assist you!

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Whether you are a contractor looking to work with reliable, professional HVAC service technicians or are in the middle of building your very own dream home, we can help you achieve top quality comfort and safety with cost-effective residential hvac in Edmonton.

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Legacy only uses the most efficient and cost-effective HVAC products. We pride ourselves on putting quality and customers first! We will equip your new home with the best HVAC system and offer the most reliable residential heating service in Edmonton.

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