Side Effects of Not Changing Furnace Filters

Your home is usually the most significant investment you will ever have. Furnace filters work with your heating and cooling system to keep it running smoothly. It’s no secret that it’s not something fun to do, but it’s essential if you want your home’s HVAC system in proper working order.

One of the main problems with furnace filter replacement is air quality. You see, air filters are meant to keep dust, pollen and mould spores out of your heating and cooling system. When you let the air filter go for too long, these things build up in your home’s heating and cooling system and become a health hazard.

This article lists down the side effects that you can experience if you are not changing furnace filters. Read on below to learn more and find out how often to change a furnace filter.

#1 – Increases Your Electricity Bill

Dirty HVAC air filters hinder airflow and make your AC system work harder. This forces it to expend more energy and raise your utility bills. The harder the system has to work, the higher your bills will be. When your filter becomes increasingly clogged, the problem gets worse because you’ve created more resistance for the air to move through.

#2 – Respiratory Issues

It’s not just that your eyes or nose will get irritated. Living in a dusty environment can impact your respiratory system and make it more difficult for you to breathe. In fact, those who live in areas with poor air quality have a five times greater risk of asthma and other respiratory diseases.

#3 – Dust and Allergens

Letting your furnace filter go for long periods of time will only invite dust and allergens into your home. These will settle right on top of your filter, which means you will breathe them in every time you turn on your heating and cooling system.

#4 – Mold, Mildew, and Bacteria Growth

Without furnace filter, dust, pollen, and mould will settle on your heating and cooling system. When this happens, you will have to clean your home’s heating and cooling system more often and replace the air filters far more often than you should. This will also lead to mould, mildew and bacteria build-up.

#5 – Bad Air Quality

The air filter is a vital component of your Heating and Cooling system. It’s also one of the least understood components. In fact, many homeowners have no idea how to tell if their air filter needs сleaning or replacement. If you let the filter go for too long, you will notice that your system doesn’t work as well as it used to. In other words, you will notice a drop in your home’s temperature and air quality.

#6 – Can Cause Fires

A dirty air filter is a fire hazard. If the filter is clogged and unable to function correctly, an owner can turn to a cheap and easy alternative of using a dryer sheet to clean the filter. This causes static electricity, which can cause a fire.

How Often Should I Change My Air Filter?

Some homeowners are changing air filters every month, while others do it every 3 to 6 months. The main factor in this is the environment you live in and how many people are in your home. If you live in an area with bad air quality, your air filter will build up unwanted particles faster than a home in a better environment. However, you should replace your air filter immediately if you have recently renovated your house or your heating and cooling system is older than 10 years.


It goes without saying that you should change your air filters routinely.. If you live in an area with bad air quality, you will have to change your air filter more often. This will have a positive impact on your home’s HVAC system and, by extension, your health.

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