Signs to Replace Your Thermostat

Whether you need to feel warm and toasty during the winter months or you desperately need cool air during the hot summer days, your HVAC system is your friend. Typically, no one pays attention to the humble thermostat, not until it’s too warm or cold, even though you have set it to your usual temperature preference.

The lifespan of a normal thermostat is about three five years. However, homeowners usually call their local HVAC contractor to replace it years before its time limit.

How do you know if you need to replace your thermostat? Keep reading to find out more.

It’s Extremely Slow to Change Temperatures

Think of the thermostat as your watch’s dial. If it takes forever to turn or change its direction, it might be time to replace it with a newer model. The older the thermostat is, the more sluggish it becomes. Of course, a thermostat that doesn’t properly regulate temperature is the worst thing that can happen to your home when all you want is to be comfortable indoors.

It’s Either Too Hot or Cold

When the thermostat is broken, it will not switch off and on your HVAC system. As a result, you will be stuck with one temperature, either hot or cold. On the other hand, if you notice that the thermostat does not follow a particular temperature setting but jumps from one to another and beyond, you should call a professional to change it.

It’s Not Sensitive

It’s recommended that you place your thermostat near a heat source or air outlet. If it can’t detect the temperature changes of your home, you need to change it. Often, people place a thermostat in an area where the temperature does not shift. In the end, it will keep the HVAC system running for long hours.

It Turns Off and On

A thermostat that randomly turns off and on the HVAC system can be quite annoying. Sometimes, it’s easy to fix this problem. Be sure to check if it’s properly installed, there are obstructions, and it’s touching any other surface. If it still doesn’t work, you should call your local HVAC technician to fix it.

It Doesn’t Show Any Display

A thermostat is not only used to regulate the temperature; it also shows readings. If it isn’t displaying any information, you should replace it. You can fix this issue by checking the power supply and wiring.

It’s Interfering with Other Devices

If you notice that your thermostat interferes with your mobile phones or home appliances, it can cause more trouble. Thermostats use the same frequency for communication, which ends up messing with your appliance or mobile devices. It could be extremely frustrating, so changing your thermostat is best.

It’s Flickering

If your thermostat is flickering, you should change it to a new one. Its intermittent flickering can be a sign of your thermostat being too old.


A fully functioning thermostat is as important as a well-maintained HVAC system. While your heating or cooling system supplies your home with hot or cold air, the thermostat is the brain of the operation.

Your thermostat can start to malfunction in several ways. If it is working too slow, not sensitive enough, erratically turning on and off, doesn’t have a middle ground temperature setting, interfering with your other electronics, or having display issues, it’s time to replace it. A word of warning: don’t try doing thermostat replacements on your own because one misstep can have a chaotic aftermath. That is why for any HVAC-related problem, always get in touch with Legacy Heating and Cooling!

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