Signs You Need to Get Your HVAC System Repaired

Regular maintenance for your heating and cooling system during the spring and summer can ensure that you’ll stay cool or warm, depending on the time of year, for years to come. 

During the hot summer months, call an HVAC repair company if your system makes strange noises or doesn’t work properly. If problems persist through the fall, you should also call Legacy Heating and Cooling.

Here are a few more signs that your HVAC system needs repairs

1) Weak Output 

If the output of the air coming out of your system is weak, check the thermostat or contact a professional. You could have a clogged filter or the system’s blower could be damaged. The thermostat could also have a problem or have been moved or knocked out of place.

When you’re replacing your filter or cleaning your system, check the filters to make sure they are in place. If they are missing or not where they should be, the air flow in your system could slow significantly, decreasing the amount of air the fans in your HVAC system can push through the system.

2) Strange Noises

If your HVAC system makes strange noises when you turn it on, you could have a problem with the blower, the fan, the belt, or the enclosure. The problem could also be in the ductwork.

First, make sure the vent or inlet is not blocked. Then, check the fan, belt, and the blower to see if they are dirty. If they are, clean them or replace them. If the noise continues, contact us.

3) Increased Dust in Home

Check the blower, belt, fan, and blower motor. You could also have a problem with the ductwork.

If you see dust or debris in your home, you could have a problem with the fan or blower motor. Though the blower motor wears down over time, it usually does not cause dust to get into the ductwork. Inspect the blower, belt, fan, and enclosure. If you see any dust, clean them or replace them. If the problem persists, contact Legacy Heating.

4) Higher Utility Costs

If you’re paying higher utility bills than usual, your air filter might be dirty. If it is, clean or replace it.

If you are paying higher than usual utility bills, it might be time to replace your air filter. If you clean the filter and you still have too much dust in the air, you could have a problem with your blower or fan. Check them and clean or replace them if they are dirty.

5) Unwanted Odors

One of the most common problems with heating and cooling systems is a buildup of mold and mildew in the ducts. Proper cleaning of your HVAC system can prevent this.

If the air coming out of your HVAC system smells musty or rotten, you could have a problem with the ductwork. As the condensation runs back along the ducts, mold and mildew may develop. You should have your ducts professionally cleaned by Legacy Heating and Cooling.


These are just a few of the signs your heating and cooling system may need repairs. If you have any of these signs and you’re ready to have your system repaired, contact Legacy Heating.

Legacy Heating is a HVAC contractor in Calgary and Edmonton that can help you with any HVAC repairs. Have your systems up and running smoothly again by giving us a call.

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