4 Signs That You Need to Change Your Furnace Filter

If you want to keep the air in your home clean and free from dust, allergens, and other harmful particles, you should ensure that your HVAC system’s furnace filters are working correctly. It can be easy to forget your HVAC filter, but if you fail to get it cleaned, maintained, or replaced, the system might malfunction, and that can affect your heating, health, and your whole household.

Wondering how often to change a furnace filter? Read on to learn more about dirty furnace filters and the signs that indicate they may not be working as they should:

Symptoms of Dirty Furnace Filters

The first thing you should do to maintain your HVAC system is to look for signs that something is amiss. Here are the most common symptoms that your furnace filters are dirty and need replacing.

1. Higher Energy Bills

If you notice a spike in your monthly energy bill, it might be because your filter is not working correctly. There might be some clogs in your furnace filters which leads to restricted airflow in your HVAC system. Because of this, the HVAC system is forced to use more energy to circulate air throughout your home. With that, you will pay more money even as you don’t get the quality air you need.

2. Decreased Airflow

When the filter is clogged, air can’t pass through properly, so you will notice restricted flow. This means that your Furnace and HVAC system will work harder to generate less airflow. A noticeable decrease in air circulation means it’s past time to get your filters checked.

3. Filter Changing Colors

Now, in terms of appearance, a sure sign that something has gone wrong is seeing a different color in your air filter. If the filter is discolored and covered with hair and dust, you have to work on replacing it right away. If you leave the filter as it is, you’ll have to worry about these harmful particles circulating in your home.

4. More Health Problems 

If there are no visible signs of HVAC malfunction, it doesn’t mean that your air filter is working properly. For instance, if any member of your household is suffering from respiratory issues, it might mean that something is wrong. After all, dust, allergens, and other particles stuck in the filter can easily circulate and be inhaled.

Here are some of the most common problems you might encounter:

  • Headaches — When mould spores and grime build up in your HVAC system, your dirty air filter can lead to literal headaches.
  • Allergies — If you are prone to allergies, a dirty HVAC air filter is something you have to stay away from. The longer you wait to replace the filter, the more dust and allergens are collected. And as these particles spread throughout your home, the more you have to worry about allergic reactions.
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning — While this is very rare, carbon monoxide poisoning might come up if your air filters haven’t been cleaned for a long time. This is because of the chances that the heat exchanger might crack. Once the system shuts down, a fire might spark, or the system might release carbon monoxide into the air and harm your household.

Final Thoughts

An HVAC system is essential for your family’s health and comfort, so you should not forget to keep it cleaned and well-maintained. If you notice these emerging signs, make sure to get your filters replaced right away. You need to change your furnace filter, contact us!

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