Signs Your Home Needs a Water Softener

Having high-quality home plumbing means your household doesn’t have to worry about hard water, which is a contaminated liquid that can affect the quality of life. Unfortunately, most homes unknowingly utilize this type of impure water, leading to health issues and destroyed house assets. The good news is you and your family don’t have to meet the same fate. All you need to do is have a water softener installed by a professional contractor. 

Since water quality is not normally discussed among residents, you may not even have the slightest clue if your current plumbing system uses hard water. Thus, it is important to see for yourself by referring to the following tell-tale signs: 

Visible scale buildup found in your home appliances

When hard water evaporates, it leaves behind a chalky waste deposit of calcium carbonate and other harsh minerals, like those you would typically find inside your tea kettles or coffee pots. This issue is more commonly referred to as scale buildup. It may not seem like much if it’s a thin layer, but it can accumulate and cause clogs. It can result in faulty plumbing, affecting the consistent flow of water in your home. 

Thus, it is important to always have your household plumbing system inspected for scale buildup because DIY inspections may only lead to minor leaks. Once the scale is spotted, the necessary replacements and de-scaling can commence, which will be followed by water softener installation. Doing this significantly reduces scale buildup through the use of ion technology. 

Feeling skin dryness and other related issues

Ideally, proper hygiene with the right soap and shampoo should mitigate dryness in the scalp, cheeks, and the rest of the body. However, you may unknowingly be using hard water to wash your skin, leading to problems like inflammation and blackheads. It is primarily due to the presence of calcium and magnesium deposits in your house’s water supply. 

By installing a water softener, these harsh mineral salts can be naturally flushed away, preventing you and your family from having skin issues. Although it is a tell-tale sign, you cannot really tell if it is your water supply to blame or simply other causes, like stress and harsh skincare products. Therefore, it would be best to contact your local contractor to assess this issue properly. 

A constant need for plumbing repairs 

Plumbing issues often have multiple causes, and hard water can be one of them. In particular, if you have steel pipes, they can easily get clogged up with limescale. 

While PVC and copper pipelines do tend to perform better against hard water, they are nothing but temporary solutions. Worse, they can damage other gadgets using water, leading to more costly repairs. Therefore, if your home needs a water softener, it would be best to get one. Consult with your local specialist to assist you properly. 


Water softeners are overlooked by most households. But they can be valuable assets for your household. Fortunately, you now know the common tell-tale signs to help you. Meanwhile, if you want to mitigate plumbing issues during installation and the inspection process, consider calling professionals like us to assist you. 

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