The Optimal Temperature and Humidity for Canadian Offices

Complaints about air conditioning and heating in offices (and other workplaces) are widespread. It’s either too hot or too cold. The temperature fluctuates dramatically during the day; the draughts are dreadful; and so on. Not only does the temperature influence how individuals feel, but so do humidity levels and air circulation. 

This article will discuss the ideal temperatures and humidity for Canadian offices to improve workers’ comfort and productivity. Read on!

What is Thermal Comfort?

Thermal comfort refers to the amount of comfort a person feels at work that correlates to the interior temperature and humidity conditions. Thermal comfort indicates that a person can wear their typical clothing without feeling too chilly or hot. 

Every office worker has the right to thermal comfort at work. Keeping this in mind, it is vital to consider what temperatures and humidity levels can provide optimal thermal comfort to office workers. A comfortable employee is a more efficient employee. Comfort can also lead to increased happiness for staff.

What’s the Ideal Office Temperature in Canada?

CSA Z412-17 Office Ergonomics – An Application Standard for Workplace Ergonomics states the following recommendations:

Summer:  Ideal office temp. is around 24.5°C, with an acceptable range of 23-26°C.

Winter: Ideal office temp is around 22°C with a temperature range of 20-23.5°C acceptable.

According to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), these suggested temperature ranges can satisfy the temperature demands of at least 80% of people. 

However, there are additional factors that might impact people’s sense of comfort. Some women prefer a slightly warmer interior temperature, ranging between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, according to published sources. On the other hand, most males prefer lower temperatures at around 22 degrees. Talk to your staff and find out their preferences.

What’s the Ideal Office Humidity in Canada?

Many people focus on temperature levels at work, but humidity levels may have just as significant an influence on comfort and everyday productivity. The ideal humidity level is between 40 and 60 percent, although it should be kept between 30 and 70 percent at all times.

Relative humidity levels less than 20% can cause pain by drying out the eyes, mucous membranes, and skin. Low relative humidity levels can also lead to static electricity buildup. This can impair the performance of office equipment such as printers and computers

Relative humidity values above 70% can also be troublesome. High humidity may cause condensation to form on surfaces and inside the interiors of equipment and building structures. If left alone, these regions may get infested with mildew and fungus. Higher humidity makes the space feel stuffy as well.

Final Thoughts

Choosing what temperature and humidity level to keep in your office may help improve employee thermal comfort and overall productivity. Keeping this in mind, each workplace is unique.  Each worker is unique.

Temperature and humidity are all impacted by many factors. Factors such as air movement, air velocity from vents, individual metabolic rates, and radiant temperature sources such as windows and flooring. Considering all of these elements, you should determine the appropriate workplace temperature and humidity level for winter and summer.

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