8 Simple Tips to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

When we think of air pollution, the images that come to our mind usually are those smoke from vehicles and factories. However, most people don’t think of indoor pollution. 

Pollutants can be found in a variety of places, including the home. Carbon monoxide is a common air pollutant caused by natural gas leaking into your home and not being burned off. 

Lead particles can be harmful to the lungs when released into the air. Mildew and mould can be a nuisance in bathrooms and kitchens, which typically have higher moisture levels than the rest of your home.

Here are eight simple tips to improve your air quality at home:

1. You Shouldn’t Disregard Your Air Filters

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters trap particles such as dust and pollen, which can help reduce asthma and allergies. While many vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters installed, it’s essential to check if you’ve bought a new vacuum cleaner or the filter needs to be replaced.

2. You Should Replace Your AC Filter

Air conditioning filters need to be replaced yearly to help reduce airborne pollen and dust in your home. However, you won’t know when it’s time to replace your filters unless you check them regularly.

3. You Need to Use Your Cooking Vents

Run your vent fan to prevent smoke and cooking smells from filling the house when you cook. If you cook regularly, keep the vent fan on a timer to turn on a few minutes before you begin cooking. Close the vent fan to keep the kitchen cool if you’re not cooking.

4. You Should Keep Your Carpets and Rugs Clean

Keeping your carpets clean can help reduce the amount of dust and dirt that gets tracked into your home. Vacuuming carpets at least once a week is an excellent way to pick up dirt, dust, and other particles. It would be best to change your vacuum bag after every use.

5. You Should Control Humidity at Home

Higher humidity means more moisture in the air. The more water in the air, the higher the risk for mould and mildew to form. You can prevent mould and mildew by using an air conditioner, dehumidifier, or installing ventilation fans. You can also avoid mould by keeping your house well ventilated. Thermostats such as a Google Nest thermostat and Ecobee thermostat can help control in home humidity levels.

6. You Have to Check Your Air Ducts

It’s essential to inspect your air ducts regularly to ensure they don’t allow any pollen, dust, or bacteria to enter your home. If you have allergies, it’s crucial to consider replacing your air ducts because they can accumulate dust and bacteria over time.

7. You Need to Remove Indoor Air Contaminants

You can reduce indoor air contaminants by cleaning off surfaces in your home. You should also clean any surface with a film or layer of dust, such as your TV, computer, or table.

8. You Can Add Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can help purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide. In addition, plants and flowers can also help keep your home feeling alive and naturally inviting.


It may go unnoticed, but your home may not be safe from air pollution and may be prone to various pollutants. To keep your air clean and breathable, you must be diligent and perform preventative maintenance. It is best to seek HVAC maintenance to assist you in ensuring cleanliness and lowering air pollution in your home for you and your family. Hopefully this post has helped you improve air quality in your home.

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