Tips to Help Extend the Lifespan of Your Cooling System

If you live in a location that experiences colder seasons more often than warmer weather conditions, you most likely utilize your furnace more than your air conditioning unit. However, that doesn’t mean you should treat your cooling system any less than your heating system.

When you take care of your air conditioner, you can expect it to continue working for up to fifteen years. However, if you don’t go out of your way to inspect it now and then and initiate the needed maintenance, problems can start to arise even before it’s due for repairs.

As a result, it will cost you more to have your AC unit repaired when you least expect it. If you wish to keep benefiting from your cooling system, you should learn to maximize its lifespan. Keep reading below to find out what to do to ensure your air conditioning system remains in excellent condition for the years to come. 

Purchase the Correct Air Conditioner

The first thing you need to do to guarantee your heating and cooling systems last for a long time is to buy the proper units for your home. Whether you own a small or large home, you must acquire HVAC systems fit for the size of your property.

When you install a suitable AC unit for your space, you will experience fewer encounters dealing with unnecessary wear and tear. As a result, its lifespan won’t be affected, and you can look forward to having a working air conditioner over time.

Initiate the Installation Process Correctly

Once you’ve acquired the proper air conditioning system, you should call a technician to oversee the installation procedure accordingly. A professional can see to it that they will position your cooling system right, including selecting the correct type of ductwork that serves your AC unit without issues.

They will also ensure that the ducts are sealed well, and no chances of air leaks will occur. That way, your indoor air will continue to provide you with the best air quality possible the whole time you’re using your AC system

Learn to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Besides opting for the right cooling unit and performing proper installation, it’s integral to focus on regular maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your air conditioner. As much as possible, you should call for an expert to perform the maintenance once a year during springtime to prepare your AC for the summer when you need cool indoor air the most.

Failing to initiate HVAC maintenance and choosing to do it yourself could lead to a disaster, especially if you don’t know the first thing to taking care of your cooling system. Some of the factors included in an annual tune-up are changing the air filters, cleaning out the evaporator and condenser coils, and inspecting the thermostat and sensors.

Manage Your AC Unit to Reduce Energy Bills

When you do your best to have your AC system serviced each year, you can benefit from experiencing lower electricity bills down the line. You could take matters into your own hands by closing your doors and windows when you’re using your cooling system, ensuring there are no air leaks, and cleaning the vents and filters often.

You should also close your curtains and blinds so the outdoor temperatures won’t give your AC a hard time operating. Setting up your thermostat to the proper temperature to avoid making it too low or too high can provide you with a comfortable experience while not being too much for your energy bills. 


Remember that for your air conditioning system to work best, you should make an added effort to keep it in excellent condition, the same way you want your furnace to last for a long time. You can prevent unnecessary repairs and replacements by purchasing the correct unit, initiating the proper installation process, maintaining your cooling system, and having it managed professionally.

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