What to Know About Troublesome Thermostats

The weather may be unpredictable, but the temperature is typically cold for the Great White North. It’s important to have your HVAC system working properly. This ensures that your home is at a comfortable temperature that allows you to relax.

There are plenty of components that are involved with your home’s systems. However, everyone should be aware of what a thermostat is. A thermostat essentially allows you to increase or decrease the temperature within your home. Additionally, many offer additional functionality such as humidifier control and multi day scheduling. Thermostats such as Ecobee thermostats, Honeywell thermostats, and Google Nest thermostats are considered Smart Thermostats. Smart thermostats offer additional functionality such as wi-fi access, self regulating and zone control, and can even act as smart speakers!

The thermostat is prone to malfunctioning, so be sure to call up Legacy Heating if it ever becomes troublesome and dysfunctional. 

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How Should A Thermostat Typically Work?

A thermostat is often located right by the engine of your HVAC system, working as a regulator to how much coolant is used. Decreasing the coolant through closing the thermostat will make the home a little warmer, while increasing it would result in a colder temperature.

A thermostat can stop functioning when it’s untouched for too long or if it’s adjusted too frequently without proper maintenance. If you want this part to work all year round for you to shift the temperature to your liking, be sure to keep a good schedule with an HVAC expert from Legacy Heating.

How Can I Check If the Thermostat Is Bad?

If you’re turning the thermostat and there doesn’t seem to be any changes in the temperature even after 10 minutes, run a few tests. Try to peek into the radiator to see if the coolant is flowing upon starting the engine of your HVAC system.

Checking the system yourself can be quite dangerous though, especially if the engine is hot. It’s best to leave the testing to an expert from Legacy Heating. They will look for any indicators of how faulty the thermostat is instead. Call us for a repair or replacement once you see an issue with the items.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Thermostat?

Homeowners should be able to notice when their regular thermostat looks and acts out of sorts. Here are some common symptoms of thermostat issues that you may likely face.

  • Stuck Open. If a thermostat is stuck open, the coolant is constantly running and circulating without restraint, increasing the mileage of your engine. Aside from warming up the place too much, the increased performance can make the engine deteriorate fast.
  • Stuck Closed. If a thermostat is stuck closed, no coolant is circulated throughout the engine. Without the buffer to regulate the temperature of the machine, it can become way too cold while causing the engine itself to overheat and break.
  • Leaks. Thermostat leaks should be a very evident sign that your HVAC system is nearing its breaking point. Try to inspect the engine or the housing of the thermostat itself to see if there are any ruptures and liquid coming out of the cracks.


In summary, the thermostat is very important for operating the HVAC system. Homeowners should be wary if any faults start to show. There may be problems that will cost you a higher expense with the repair or the replacement of it when you wait around too long. Legacy Heating carries top brand thermostats. We carry Google Nest thermostats, Ecobee thermostats, and Honeywell thermostat models!

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