Understanding UV Lights in HVAC Systems: FAQs Answered

The pandemic has raised health concerns for households everywhere. Cleaning routines have become much more stringent, and plenty of people have incorporated additional sanitary measures to fight pathogens. One of the most ways to do that is UV lights in your HVAC system. 

Many modern systems have UV lights installed. While disinfecting with UV lights is not new, you may have some questions about them. Here are some common questions people might have:

What can UV Lights handle?

Control Mold and Mildew Buildup

Mould and mildew in vent systems are a big problem in households everywhere. When these accumulate and linger in the ducts and filters, they affect the air quality of the home and the health of the people living in it. Hazardous air can contribute to a number of diseases, which is not desirable while a respiratory disease remains pervasive.

UV lights are a safety feature that can eliminate mould and mildew buildup. UV lights are use in hospitals, restaurants, and grocery stores, so there isn’t a bad reason to introduce them into your home. They sanitize air and equipment and have been used for years to control and prevent contamination.

Kill Bacteria and Viruses

Not only can UV lights stop mould buildup, but some 2012 studies showed that UV lights kill 97 percent of bacteria, including superbugs resistant to antibiotics and are considered the toughest to kill.

Can it Kill the Coronavirus?

A study in September 2020 showed that Ultraviolet C light with a wavelength of 222 nanometers can effectively kill SARS-CoV-2. The study was one of the first to find an effective way to combat the new virus. 

However, since this study is relatively new, it is not one hundred percent guaranteed that it will work on real-world surfaces. This method is still up for evaluation. While this may still be the case, it is certain that UV lights in HVACs can kill other pathogens, so it won’t be a stretch for COVID-19 to be one of them.

What are the Options?

There are two types of UVC lights for you to choose from:

Coil UV Sanitizing Lights

Coil UV lights are the most common HVAC sterilizing lights. These lights come in single-lamp and dual-lamp models and are left on continuously. They are installed in your air conditioning coils, where most mould and bacteria tend to linger because of the moist environment. 

Air Sanitizing Lights

These HVAC germicidal lights are installed in the ductwork where the air is evenly distributed in your home. They usually come in Stick and U-shaped lamp models. They can kill germs, mould, and bacteria. The main difference with these lights is that they can turn off simultaneously as the blower motor, which can cost a lot more in the installation process. 


UV lights are an optional feature that is quickly gaining popularity in homes and businesses alike. With its many advantages in fighting bacteria, mould, and viruses, this is one feature that is incredibly useful given the circumstances. If you want to provide you and your loved ones an added layer of protection at home, UV lights in your HVAC system are perfect for you. 

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