Useful Facts About Humidifiers

Homes today are fitted with all sorts of equipment to make the house a comfortable space, from HVAC systems to stoves and more. Some of this equipment is relatively straightforward. For example, an air-conditioning unit is made to cool the home down, and most if not all homeowners know that. However, what about the humidifier? Do you know what it does? If you do not, you are not alone. Humidifiers are not exactly among the top appliances found in homes, and many come with different functions that do different things.

If you want to learn more about the humidifier, keep reading. This article will list as many facts about the humidifier as possible to help you become more aware of what it does.

1. Humidifiers aren’t silent

Many humidifiers advertise themselves as “silent” or “quiet.” While some humidifiers are arguably much quieter than other humidifiers, none are fully silent. Many of these humidifiers come in at least two levels: low and high. Low settings are for nighttime to keep things as quiet as possible while still keeping the air humid, while high settings speed up the process. Knowing that humidifiers are generally used in bedrooms, you will have to get used to the sound it may produce at all times.

2. Humidifiers need to be maintained

Humidifiers do not last forever. They will need maintenance to ensure tip-top performance and keep any possible issues at bay. Maintenance includes bleaching the humidifier to kill bacteria and other pathogens and should be done monthly or weekly depending on each situation. 

If you feel like you will not keep up with maintaining a humidifier, do not get one. Neglecting maintenance can lead to bacterial growth problems, which can spread throughout the house, not to mention an under-performing humidifier that eats up more energy without improved results.

3. Humidifiers come in different sizes

Humidifiers come in all sorts of sizes, each catering to different room sizes. Generally, you want to pick a humidifier sized according to your room’s area. You should go for the right humidifier for your square footage, as going larger or smaller will lead to problems. You might end up over-humidifying or under-humidifying the room.

4. Humidifiers come in different types

Apart from having different sizes, humidifiers come in different types as well. For example, some humidifiers are evaporative, meaning that they employ a process that evaporates water into the air. Other humidifiers are ultrasonic, creating extremely fine mists to mix water and air. The latter is much quieter and easier to clean but comes at a higher cost.


With these facts in your mind, we hope that you now know more about the world of humidifiers. Once again, if you have any more questions or concerns about humidifiers, do not be afraid to reach out to the manufacturers. They will be more than happy to answer all your questions to ensure you make the right decision regarding investing, installing, and using the humidifier to enhance your home’s comfort levels.

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