What Happens during a Spring Air Conditioner Checkup?

You may hear again and again that Spring Maintenance will save you money and make your air conditioner run more efficiently, with Cool Change mentioned around this time of year as a key player in the process. But you may be wondering what really happens during Spring Check-Up, so read on for all the steps HVAC professionals take to prepare your air conditioner for the Spring.

What Happens during a Spring Air Conditioner Checkup?

Spring Maintenance is a process of checking for problems and possible solutions, as well as preparing your air conditioner for the upcoming season. If a thorough inspection is done during a Spring Checkup, you can breathe easier knowing that your system is running at peak performance. Here are some of the steps your HVAC company will take during a Spring Air Conditioner Checkup:

1 – Clean the Outdoor Coil

Your HVAC company will start off their Spring Maintenance service by cleaning the outdoor coil of your system in order to ensure that it is free from debris and that it is running properly.

2 – Clean the Air Ducts

Next, professional HVAC technicians will take a look at the main air duct and the branch air ducts to ensure no air is leaking. They will also be looking for any signs of an air duct leak, such as a drop in temperature in certain rooms.

3 – Check the Furnace for Issues

Once the outside coil is clean, HVAC specialists will check the furnace to make sure it is running properly. They will be looking for any signs of problems, such as a drop in temperature in one room or a short cycling burner flame.

4 – Check Capacitor Levels

Many electric air conditioning systems use a capacitor to store extra power for use in case the air conditioner starts up. Checkups will look at the capacitors to determine if they are functioning properly and are able to store a proper amount of power.

5 – Replace Filters

An HVAC specialist will also remove the old filters and replace them with new ones. The main air duct and the branch air ducts will have brand new HEPA filters. The furnace filter will be replaced as well.

6 – Check Refrigerant Levels

If your air conditioner system uses a refrigerant, an HVAC specialist will check the levels to make sure they are correct. If a refrigerant leak is discovered, your technician will have to fix it immediately by patching the leak. If the refrigerant is not at the proper levels, the air conditioner may not be operating as it should.

7 – Tighten Electrical Connections

Finally, the technician will check all electrical connections to ensure that they are tight and free from corrosion. If there are any loose connections, they will be tightened.


Spring Air Conditioner Checkups can help your system run smoothly, saving you money and preventing potential problems. If you are interested in getting a Spring AC Checkup done on your air conditioner system, contact Legacy Heating today!

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