When to Get a New Furnace

Many of us are attached to our appliances because they’ve been with us for a long time. We grow accustomed to their imperfections because it’s become part of our routine, or maybe it came with the house.

Yet, our attachment to these appliances shouldn’t stop us from making an upgrade. Know that even furnaces are units that we have to let go of eventually.

Watching out for the signs

It can be dangerous to live with a home that doesn’t have a heater working in good condition, especially during wintertime. Furthermore, a furnace is an integral part of the house needed not just for adjusting room temperatures but also in adapting to harsh weather conditions, such as storms and snowfall.

In this article, we will share with you four telltale signs of a furnace that’s in need of an upgrade:

1. An unresponsive thermostat

If you see yourself frequently adjusting the thermostat, it might be that the reading isn’t accurate, or the command doesn’t reach your furnace. Though a broken thermostat can be a glitch that’s easy to ignore, it can be a sign of a more costly issue if left untreated.

2. An orchestra of noises

One clear sign of a broken furnace is when you start hearing it emit noise. This should be your wake-up call for a furnace replacement. Know that a different type of sound reflects on the various parts that are broken inside it.

Potential causes for noises could be:

Rattles: A common but not primary cause of the noise is loose screws and metal sheets. Though not a clear indication of a broken unit, it could lead to leaks and accidents if unchecked.

Pops: A popping sound is usually the byproduct of the heat exchanger reacting to abrupt temperature changes in your furnace.

Murmurs: This can be the unit’s fan going haywire. Your furnace’s fan engine should never be noisy if it’s working correctly. A murmuring blower fan could be a symptom of a greater complication if left unattended.

Shrieks: A shrieking noise indicates an issue with the blower or motor engine, which could mean that your furnace has problems with its belt or a loose bearing.

3. A yellow flame

If a furnace emits a blue flame, it shows that a furnace is undergoing complete combustion. When it drops down to a yellow glow, it’s likely due to the furnace leaking out carbon monoxide where it’s stored.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a dangerous health hazard for anyone who breathes it in. When you see the flame turning into a warmer blue, call your nearest technician to assess the damage to your furnace as soon as possible.

4. An old-timer

Sometimes the most obvious reasons are the ones that are almost always overlooked. Know that a standard life expectancy of a furnace is about 10 to over 15 years. If you’re having a difficult time with an old unit, then it’s probably just about time to put it to rest.

This is because you’ll only end up spending more on repairs and maintenance costs by about 15% instead of merely buying a new unit. Legacy Heating and Cooling is a reliable service provider that can provide you with the best investment for your money over frequent visits to the hardware store.


Maintaining your furnace is not only for it to keep your home warm and safe. Besides potentially damaging your energy bill, negligence of your furnace could lead to dangerous side effects. If you’re noticing in your recent cleaning days that your house has the presence of more dust than usual, then it’s probably because of an unchecked glitch in your heater’s ventilation. If left untreated, the glitch could be dangerous to homeowners who suffer from asthma and sensitivities and allergies to dust.

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