When to Know If It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

Homeowners invest a lot in appliances, furniture, and home systems to live a comfortable life. When it comes to your heater, remember that it requires maintenance as well, so you can experience peaceful winters and brave the cold season while receiving adequate warmth.

If you don’t perform the necessary actions, you can expect your furnace to malfunction and stop working correctly over time—to the point that you have no choice but to call for an HVAC contractor to fix your problem. You may even reach a point where you have to decide between repairing your worn down furnace or finally getting it replaced prematurely!

If you’re unsure when to swap out that rusty and malfunctioning unit, you have to consider a few factors that will strengthen your decision to seek a furnace replacement. Keep reading below to find out reasons to believe that will determine your need to buy a new furnace.

Determine the Age of Your Furnace

The average lifetime of a furnace spans about twenty years, although it will depend on the brand you choose and the care you provide to keep it in prime condition. If you’re unsure about your heating system’s life expectancy, you can do some research about your furnace by looking up its make and manufacturer online!

Aside from learning about its essential details, you have to remember the year you first got your furnace, how often you called for furnace maintenance, and how significant the repairs were in the past. If your heater is more than fifteen years old, it’s best to start looking at your options.

Break Down the Costs of Repairing Vs. Replacement

Another deciding factor for repairing or replacing your furnace is the expenses you accumulate each time your system malfunctions and you need to call for heating repairs. Whether you manage annual maintenance costs or schedule a technician to drop by for support regularly, it can be quite expensive to ensure that your furnace is working properly.

If you notice that your unit breaks down more than usual and the cost for each repair totals to an amount that’s close to the price of a new furnace, maybe it’s about time to give up on your old heater! As a result, you can end up saving a lot of money if you just get a replacement instead.

Examine the Condition of Your furnace

Plenty of furnaces are expected to run at eighty percent efficiency—but recent models are known to offer even better productivity. New furnaces are high efficient and run at 90% +. To help you test out the performance level of your heating system, you can try researching the efficiency number of your furnace’s yearly fuel utilization.

Meanwhile, if you want to determine how much your heater has depreciated through the years, observe its runtime to see if it works all day without issues. A furnace that operates almost nonstop proves that it isn’t as efficient as it once was, and it could result in higher electricity costs due to the additional effort required to keep working!


Like all appliances and systems, you can’t expect your furnace to last forever. It will always have an expiration date—and you have to prepare yourself for the day you stop relying on furnace cleaning and repairs and finally decide to get a replacement. Your heater’s age, its current condition, and the expenses you accumulate for each repair can help indicate when it’s time to upgrade your furnace and give up trying to get your old one to work. 

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