When to Replace Your Air Conditioning System: Here Are 7 Signs

Your air conditioning system needs proper maintenance to last long. However, no matter how much you take care of it, it may still encounter problems you cannot fix on your own. When these problems worsen, you need to replace your AC unit eventually.

Here are seven signs that it’s time for you to replace your AC unit:

1. You get warm air

If your unit no longer performs its duty of providing cool air to your home, it’s time to get a replacement. Warm air coming off from your vents is one sign that your compressor is not working properly. 

The compressor is in charge of cooling the air before it reaches you, and it is responsible for keeping the refrigerant flow in the system. While some cleaning and regular maintenance can help fix it, when the compressor eventually fails, you have no choice but to replace it. 

2. Airflow from the AC gets weak

When you feel little to no air coming out of your AC, it’s time to have it checked. The air isn’t properly circulating inside your vent, which is why the weak airflow. It can be attributed to a malfunctioning air compressor or air ducts. Seek the help of a knowledgeable technician to know the root of the problem. Similar to what was mentioned previously, if the compressor fails, you’ll need to replace the unit.

3. There is an unpleasant smell coming from the unit

An unpleasant smell can either come from mould contamination or some electrical issues inside the unit. If the reason is mould contamination, it can spread throughout your home when you turn on your unit, which can bring health issues to your family. Have it fixed or replaced immediately.

4. You hear annoying and unusual noises from your AC

Your AC can produce different kinds of sound, depending on the problem behind it. If there’s a humming noise, your AC needs proper maintenance. The noise is a signal that there are loose parts that needed fixing. Buzzing noise can mean that there is debris obstructing the indoor or outdoor unit. When there are squealing and screeching noises, you might need to replace your fan motor or get your fan belt fixed. 

5. The unit is too old

The standard life span of Air Conditioning units is ten years. If your AC reaches this age, you might need to get a replacement soon. Buying a new unit will be more efficient than spending on upcoming endless repairs. 

6. The thermostat is malfunctioning

When the thermostat starts to malfunction, you’ll have a problem setting the room temperature and its timer. You’ll also experience problems with turning the unit on or off. The thermostat is considered the brain of the HVAC system. If it fails, it will affect the entire performance of your unit. You’ll need to replace it if it is already impossible to fix.

7. Your AC undergoes frequent repairs

When your AC unit has undergone repair in succeeding months, it is better to consider getting a new one. Seek for your technician’s advice on the overall condition of your AC unit. A new unit can bring you the comfort needed without anticipating upcoming potential problems. 


In case any of these signs happen to your air conditioning system, call your trusted technician immediately. They can tell you what’s wrong and what needs to be done to get it repaired. In case no repair can fix the problem anymore, you need to get a replacement soon. Find a quality brand from a trusted supplier that can ensure excellent performance for your home throughout the years.

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