Why Air Ducts Are Important for General HVAC Maintenance?

The convenience of heating and air conditioning systems at home is definitely a necessity for every Canadian home in Alberta, especially in the Edmonton Area. This is due to the fact that blistering cold temperatures and hot summers come randomly due to climate change. Thus, it can be a pain to turn on your HVAC and suddenly feel like something is odd, like something dusty is in the air. 

The solution to this occurrence is one of the crucial parts of HVAC maintenance: Duct Cleaning (cleaning out your air ducts). These refer to the passages or conduits for the air. They must actually be cleaned out every two to five years, but it can be earlier than that, depending on the household. If you are not in the know about your HVAC’s air ducts, this article is made for you. 

We take a look into the reasons it’s important to have HVAC maintenance check and clean out your dirty air ducts. Additionally, this article will help you determine the signs that it’s indeed time to have them cleaned. The goal is to help your household enjoy the HVAC as it is meant to and fully utilise it without encountering any huge dust-related problems. 

Why Is It Important to Get Air Ducts Cleaned Out? 

Take note of the following issues that are connected to a dirty or clogged out air ducts: 

  • Can Ruin Your Unit’s Overall Functionality: Cleaning out your air ducts and the rest of your HVAC system is a good way to prevent the unit from breaking down or needing HVAC repair services. Further neglect can even lead you to replace the unit altogether. A dirty HVAC simply translates to an unreliable one. 
  • Inconvenience in Cleaning the Home: Air ducts play a vital role in the removal of air contaminants like dust and dirt. You can easily spend more hours vacuuming around your home if they’re clogged up. Dirt would be kept at bay and easy cleaning would be a reality if the air ducts are simply cleared out. 
  • Affects Health and Welfare of the Household: Dirty air ducts lead to a dirty household or thick air pollution right at your bedside. This will trigger serious allergy attacks and can result in irritating coughs or difficulty breathing. The HVAC can act like an air filter to keep annoying and disease-ridden dust particles away from you and your family. 
  • Affects the House’s Temperature: A clogged HVAC system simply translates to a lack of much-needed cool air and heating that would balance out the chilling or hot climate from outside. This also causes diseases like coming down with the flu or a high fever. Maintaining home temperature is a necessity both to health and wellbeing. 

What Are the Signs That Air Ducts Need Cleaning? 

Now that you have been made aware of the health hazards and inconveniences that clogged air ducts can bring, it’s time to learn about the signs that it’s time to get them checked out and cleaned. Take note of these indicators: 

  • Dusty Air Registers: The visible sight of dust and the prominence of its smell from the air registers are definite indicators of the need for immediate HVAC maintenance and cleaning. Don’t hesitate to get it cleaned immediately! 
  • Excessive Sneezing or Family Members with Sniffles: if you have a family member who has allergic rhinitis or any sensitivity to air, their reaction can be a sign that the air ducts need cleaning. Perhaps it’s something else in the HVAC system that is not filtering the air out properly, so have HVAC repair services take a look just to make sure. 
  • Dust Accumulation Around the Home: As was previously mentioned, if dust cleaning is suddenly a taxing household chore, the source of dust can be your HVAC. Get it cleaned out immediately because vacuuming and mopping efforts will be useless unless you get rid of the problem. 

Get it cleaned! 

Cleaning your air ducts is a priority, and it should be checked out by a professional HVAC service provider who can efficiently do the job. Make sure you book that next tune-up to keep you and your family feeling comfortable and breathing easy. 

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