Why UV Lights Are Highly Beneficial for an HVAC System

The global coronavirus pandemic has emphasized, more than ever, the importance of having clean indoor air quality (IAQ) in our daily lives. This is particularly true nowadays with everyone across the globe spending more time inside their homes than ever before. 

Handwashing and other similar safety measures are great at impacting our health in a positive way. However, the improvement and maintenance of the air we breathe indoors is a different yet equally important part of maintaining the healthiest life possible.

Whenever an HVAC’s equipment gets an ultraviolet (UV) lighting system added, the commercial or residential structure’s environment becomes healthier.

How does a UV lighting system work?

When you have UV lighting, you have a system that alters microorganisms then destroys them. Microbes will be completely obliterated by a UV lighting system. It should be noted that this system does not address inorganic particles like pet dander and dust. 

There are two HVAC UV lights: air sterilization and coil sterilization. Both systems are able to integrate very easily with the air ducts of your place of business or residence.

As the name suggests, air sterilization lights end up sterilizing your ductwork’s moving air. The system cycles to kill airborne mould and germs alongside the air handler blower. To make the most of their effectiveness, the systems should be combined with an air filter of good quality with a high Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating. Consult Legacy Heating in Edmonton to be sure you have the best filter that’s appropriate for the specific system you have.

Coil UV lights are what sterilize the air handler coil found within your home or business’s air conditioner. Since the indoor coil tends to condense moisture from the air in order to assist in your home being dehumidified, it’s a key breeding spot for both bacteria and mould. Typically, the coil UV light is on 24/7, shining directly on your air conditioner’s indoor coil.

Will UV lights be able to kill viruses?

There’s a proven track record when it comes to UV lighting systems being able to attack airflow pathogens such as viruses, mould, and bacteria. UV lighting is also quite effective when it comes to decontaminating exposed surfaces in industrial facilities, hospitals, and other settings.

It should be noted that UV lights cannot prevent infections as a whole. It’s key to still observe good hygiene and use common sense in order to stay as healthy as possible in these times. What UV lighting can certainly do is deal with triggers that cause breathing issues like asthma, alongside improving the overall quality of your air indoors.


HVAC UV lighting is a great way to ensure a healthier environment at home or at work. Especially in these trying times with Covid-19. There are two HVAC UV lights: air sterilization and coil sterilization. While UV lights can attack bacteria, mould, and even viruses, they cannot entirely prevent cases of infections. They are merely tools that can greatly help in keeping the environment cleaner.

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