Why You Must Do Annual Furnace Maintenance to Avoid Repairs

Your furnace has essential roles to play in your home, the most important of which is to ensure your family’s health and comfort. When kept in tip-top shape, your heating unit can do its job without a hitch. However, the problem is that some homeowners tend to neglect their furnaces and end up dealing with a huge problem that requires extensive HVAC repair.

If you are among those people, we are here to change your mind about the importance of caring for your heating unit. In this article, we will share five valuable reasons to conduct annual HVAC maintenance for your furnace:

1. It Prevents Failures

Furnaces do break down from time to time. But the last thing you want is for that to happen when you need it most, like during a cold winter night. By having your furnace checked and maintained at least once a year, any potential problems can be addressed early on, and you can avoid emergencies and more costly repairs. 

2. It Improves Performance and Ensures Efficiency

When a furnace is maintained well, it can provide just the right amount of airflow in your home so that it’s more energy-efficient. A dirty and clogged furnace has to work harder because airflow is restricted, and this results in a higher utility bill and a higher risk of furnace problems. 

On the other hand, a clean and properly maintained furnace is more energy-efficient. Because it’s free from dust and debris, it won’t have to work too hard and improve its efficiency by about 20%!

3. It Ensures Your Family’s Safety

Besides avoiding repairs and lowering utility costs, a maintained furnace also keeps your family safe. These heating units typically use fuel like propane or natural gas to provide heat to your entire house. While you might already know that, did you know that even the smallest crack in the system can result in a carbon monoxide leak? As you probably know, this could lead to various health problems and even put your entire family at risk!

To ensure your family’s health and safety, you must keep your annual HVAC maintenance appointment.

4. It Ensures Your Furnace Lasts Longer

Just like the rest of your HVAC system, your furnace needs proper maintenance for it to last for a long time. By being able to catch problems early on, you get to avoid more extensive issues that can be more taxing to your furnace and even cut its lifespan short.

If you do not want your furnace to experience premature damages, the experts at Legacy Heating are here to help!

5. It Saves You a Lot of Money

You might think that an annual checkup and maintenance is just an unnecessary expense, but the truth is by having that done, you could actually save more money in the long run. This is because you’ll spend a lot less on routine maintenance than you would on repairs for major issues. Often, such repairs require the replacement of parts, which adds more to the cost. As such, it is more economical to invest in annual furnace maintenance than spending unnecessarily on repairs and replacements!


Whether or not you do an annual HVAC maintenance, you are still going to spend money on your furnace. Now, the only thing you need to think about is whether you’re willing to pay to proactively keep your furnace in the best condition for as long as possible or if you’d rather wait until your furnace breaks down and pay for costly repairs. 

Whether you need to schedule a furnace maintenance service or require a furnace repair or installation, it makes a difference in choosing the right team for the job.

Legacy Heating has a team of experienced professionals who can handle HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation in Edmonton and nearby areas. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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