Why You Need to Have Your Air Ducts Regularly Cleaned

Most people don’t give their air ducts a second thought. After checking air conditioner cleaning off their annual home maintenance, they put it at the back of their minds, never paying any mind to the tubes through which the air needs to pass before blowing through the vents. Unfortunately, ignoring your air ducts is a recipe for disaster and may result in expensive repairs and even health issues down the line. 

Indoor air pollution

Air pollution has been a growing concern for decades, but what many people don’t often consider is that there is also plenty of air pollution indoors. Even beyond the smoke from the motor and petrol industries is the consideration of the airs inside our homes. 

Indoor air can be up to five times unhealthier and dirtier than outdoor air. This can result in quite a number of respiratory problems, which is not a thing you can risk deep into a pandemic. Now more than ever, the effects of this are magnified, since many Canadians are currently trapped in quarantine. 

Your air ducts and air conditioners, without regular cleaning, might end up worsening your air quality rather than improve it. They can collect moisture and dirt. The darkness in your ducts might also turn into a hotbed for the growth of bacteria, fungi, and moulds. Any of these can pose a threat to the health of your family. 

Regular whole system cleaning is necessary

The beauty of air duct cleaning is that it doesn’t just clean the ducts themselves. The vents, fans, filters, registers, and the rest of the system will also be cleaned and sanitized. Your air conditioner repair services will also inform you if any filters or other parts need replacing. 

These professionals can also make recommendations about your system. For example, they will ensure that your vents are free and as far away as possible from any source of moisture, which is the lifeblood of moulds and fungi. 

Why does the entire system need to be cleaned regularly?

If you just clean one part of the system every time, you would simply leave yourself at risk of recontamination. Moulds in your ducts, for example, will keep making their way to your filters. So long as one part of the system remains contaminated, the other parts will just keep accumulating filth.

The worst part of this is that spores and other pathogens may spread to other parts of your house, causing various growths everywhere else. As such, it is important to invest in an entire system clean every time. 

It doesn’t stop at air quality

Vents are also a possible home for rodents and other pests. A thorough cleaning can rid you of a pest infestation and remove the conditions under which these pests flourished—darkness, moisture, warmth, dirt, and grime. They can also fix gaps and possible leaks for better heating and cooling. 

Final thoughts

When it comes to the health and safety of your family, it is important to consider even the little things. Cleaning your air ducts, for example, can not only improve your air quality greatly, but it can also improve the efficiency of your system. It can also prevent plenty of future problems.

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