Air Purifier or Humidifier: Which Is Perfect for Your Home?

When it comes to improving the air quality inside a home, two top-of-mind devices help make that possible: an air purifier and a humidifier. Some homes have one of the two while others have both. Before you purchase yours, you need to understand first how the two differ. While they can both improve the quality of the air you breathe inside your home, they each have their specific purposes. 

Air Purifier vs. Humidifier: How Do They Differ

Both the air purifier and humidifier are machines beneficial to people with sinus and respiratory concerns, but the way they provide comfort is different from each other.

The Air Purifier and Its Health Benefits

An air purifier does its job by cycling the air in the room through its filters. The air goes inside the machine and traps airborne contaminants in its filter. Then, a cleaner air goes out of the device and back into the air you breathe. It could filter dust mites, pollen, mould spores, and pet dander and be best used to reduce allergens in the air, which could trigger asthma and allergies. Without one, the allergens would stay afloat in the air and worsen the condition of people inside. 

It also works well in preventing the virus and germs from spreading inside a home. Although it can never stop a person from encountering colds or flu, it could help limit their spread and ensure the person enjoys a more comfortable healing experience without the allergens worsening their condition. 

Furthermore, you can use a humidifier to control odours inside. It also can reduce toxins from tobacco smoke and “out-gassing” plastics. 

Recommended For: People who suffer from asthma and allergies or those who want to breathe clean air

The Humidifier and Its Health Benefits

A humidifier works differently. It does not absorb air in its machine nor clean the air in your room. Instead, it releases moisture which helps resolve any respiratory tract problems or nose and throat irritation caused by dry air. 

Before it releases any liquid, it makes sure that the water is steamed first. That steam releases the water droplets made possible by ultrasonic technology. However, take note that this technology requires the use of distilled water. If tap water is used, it could introduce other mineral particles into the air. 

Since a humidifier works with water, you also need to ensure that it gets cleaned regularly. Otherwise, mould could develop inside it and get spread throughout the room. Instead of helping your health, it could worsen your condition.

Recommended For: People who have asthma or those with irritated respiratory tracts brought about by dry air


Choosing whether you should buy a humidifier or an air purifier depends on your need. If you think both would be useful for you, know that you can have and even use them together in the same room. Just make sure to place them far from each other to not limit their effectiveness. 

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