Home Utilities: Should You Invest in a New Hot Water Heater?

Like all appliances, hot water heaters have a predetermined expiration date. Unfortunately, there are [people who choose to ignore the signs of their heaters’ aging. This can lead to inefficiencies in energy and water usage and could lead to more expensive renovations for their home. For this reason, it’s important to know the right time to let go of their hot water heater.

Is it finally time to replace your hot water heater?

Stubborn homeowners often deal with avoidable issues when they don’t want to let go of their old appliances. Their denial in its application, performance, and stability can blind them to their decision’s negative implications. This is why it’s vital to realize the best time to replace a hot water heater. This minimizes your unnecessary long-term expenses and the potential risk of damage to your home.

In this article, we’ll share four things you should consider when replacing your water heater

1. Your water heater’s age

A typical reason you should replace a hot water heater is if it’s past its lifespan. Keep in mind that gas-powered hot water tanks will generally break down after 8 years, while electric hot water tanks have a much longer lifespan. Additionally, tankless water heaters can be durable enough to last longer than 15 years of use with regular maintenance. Although there may not be noticeable performance issues, it’s likely to break down with severe consequences if you don’t replace it soon. Instead of waiting for complications to occur, it’s best to replace an old unit once it’s between 10 to 15 years of age.

2. Signs of rusting

If the hot water you’re using looks discolored or has a metallic taste, it’s a sign of rusting that’s flaking into the water. Although there are no visible signs of rust on the outside, rusty water can be an internal issue that’s gradually developing out of sight. Sometimes, it can just be an issue of a rusted anode rod. Replacing it with a new one should fix your rust-related issues. If not, then your water heater will soon break down over its weakened state, leading to frequent leaks and potential flooding.

3. Recurring leaks

Over time, hot water tanks can build up leaks in their plumbing. Although you can provide remedies to them, it gradually reduces your heater’s output. It’s more at risk of causing floods or breakage to your tank. If you’re repairing leaks more frequently within the past year, it’s a red flag that you have to replace them instead.

4. Odd operating noises

If you’re using your laundry or staying next to your basement, you’ll have a good idea if your water heater is making odd noises when it’s operating. If you hear signs of popping, knocking, or cracking sounds, it can indicate sediment buildup. When your heater increases temperatures inside the tank, the trapped water clashes with a barrier of thick sediment that can cause your tank to overheat and deteriorate at a faster rate. Sometimes, your water heater can still be salvageable, depending on the damage present. However, it’s most likely that you’ll need a replacement if you catch this issue too late.


Some homeowners underestimate the benefit of having hot water for their daily chores. Without proper heating, they won’t be comfortable with washing dishes, taking baths, or doing laundry. If it’s finally time to put your hot water heater to rest, you should use it as an opportunity to buy a modern model. Newer products in the market have energy-saving features that can be a better fit for your home’s water heating needs.

It’s best to contact the same contractors for removing your old hot water heater and installing your new one. Doing so ensures that they’re familiar with your home’s plumbing and lessen the risk of mistakes during installation. If you need to replace your home’s hot water heater in Calgary and Edmonton, contact us today!

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