5 Practical Tips to Increase Your AC Unit’s Lifespan – Our Guide

Your air conditioning unit at home serves to provide you and your family with cool temperatures, cozy ambiance, and the utmost comfort. In return, you ought to take good care of it to ensure that it will last for as long as possible. Apart from assuring its longevity, handling your Air Conditioning unit with TLC can ensure its overall performance and efficiency. 

While the life expectancy of your AC unit will depend on the model itself, there are a few things that you can do to extend its lifespan. With proper upkeep and regular care, you can expect it to last for 15 to 20 years. That said, here are five practical tips for stretching the overall lifespan of your AC unit. Read more to see if you need to hire heating and air conditioning services in Edmonton, Alberta.

1. Allow your AC to rest.

As with any appliance, it’s important to allow your AC unit to rest from time to time. If you leave it up and running for 24 hours, it can easily and quickly be subjected to wear and tear over time. Make sure to turn it off before you leave your room, especially if you’ll be gone for long hours. If you want the unit to stay on without cooling the air, turn the thermostat a minimum of five degrees and leave it as such during the night.

2. Change the filter.

The filters of your Air Conditioner are meant to keep dust and debris out of your unit. However, they can get clogged over time, particularly if left unattended for a while. As a rule of thumb, it’s important to change your filters routinely to prevent any clogs. Not only will this extend the lifespan of your unit, but doing so will improve its efficiency and help you save money on energy costs. 

3. Check for leaks.

According to experts, you should inspect your AC unit for potential leaks at least once a year. Why? Having unattended leaks in the hose may lead to a breakdown of your unit. That’s why proper maintenance of your AC unit to look and address possible leaks is imperative. That said, you may want to consider hiring heating and air conditioning services in Edmonton for a complete system check. 

2. Clean your unit regularly.

Regular cleaning of your AC unit is a must. As much as possible, you should set a regular schedule in place to clean your unit. Despite protection from external hardware, your unit can easily get dirty that can impact its performance and lead to its failure over time. Cleaning the dust, dirt, leaves, and any other debris will ensure your unit is in top shape and in optimal working condition.  

5. Have regular tune-ups.

Apart from cleaning, getting regular tune-ups of your AC unit is very important. The goal of the tune-up is to ensure your unit is in excellent condition and to fix any issues or problems before they even begin or get worse. Know that the best time for a tune-up is usually in spring before the summer months start where your unit has to work harder.


Taking care of your AC unit is important. As outlined above, give it a rest from time to time, change the filter, check for possible leaks, clean it regularly, and have regular tune-ups.

With proper maintenance and constant care, you can improve its efficiency and reliability, maintain its durability, reduce your monthly energy bills, and not to mention—increase its lifespan!

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